I launched Forever Wingman in 2016 because I wanted to help folks learn a little more on what life could be like in the Air Force.

The Air Force helped me tremendously. It’s given me job skills that I use every day. It’s given me a security clearance that’s helped me to get jobs. It introduced me to my wife while deployed to Savannah, GA. It paid the medical bills for my second son. It’s given me friends to lean on when times were tough. These are all things that I believe can help future Airmen.

Our mission here at Forever Wingman is to help the next generation Airman make more informed decisions. We accomplish our mission by teaching prospective and current Airmen about life and careers in the US Air Force.

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Freelance Writer

We are constantly looking for additional writers with Air Force specific experience (Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, Spouses, and Veterans alike) that we can add to our team. Our aim is to create content that is engaging, reader friendly, but more importantly, useful to our audience. We are open to new and experienced writers! If you love to write about all things Air Force, then we’d love to hear from you.