Updated: April 2021

What does a 3N2X1 do?

Manages, supervises, and performs as an instrumentalist, music arranger, vocalist, librarian, or audio and lighting engineer in the USAF Band.

Where and How Long is the Tech School For a 3N2X1?

Tech School




What Does the 3N2X1 Duty Badge Look Like?

Band Badge

What are the Demographics for the 3N2X1 Career Field?







Total: 161

What are the Requirements to Become a 3N2X1?


Administrative: 21


General: 24


40 lbs

  • Prior qualification in and possession of AFSC 3N151X, or prior qualification as a musician.
  • Specialty requires routine access to Secret material or similar environment.

What are the Duties and Responsibilities For a 3N2X1?

Instrumentalists perform on one or more musical instruments in a variety of musical performing units to include (but not limited to): marching band, concert band, jazz band, popular music ensemble, string ensemble, quintet, quartet, or soloist. Arrangers adapt music into customized musical arrangements and create original music for various musical ensembles. Vocalists read, sing, and memorize vocal parts for public performance. Vocalists perform in a variety of musical performing units to include (but not limited to): chorus, popular musical ensemble, jazz band, country band, quartet, and soloist. Librarians manage print and digital music. Audio Engineers operate and maintain audio reinforcement, recording, lighting, video, and multimedia equipment used during rehearsals and performances. All members of this career field drill with the marching band and execute commands based on drum major verbal or non-verbal direction while playing and carrying a musical instrument. All members perform under conductor, NCOIC, section leader or drum major direction.

Plans, organizes, directs, and inspects band activities. Members analyze musical requirements and provide appropriate musical support. Members plan, schedule, and coordinate rehearsals, ceremonies, master class, and performances. Members advise higher authority on band status, equipment maintenance and requirements, personnel training, and operational efficiency. Members manage unit administrative and support functions such as Operations, Administration, Publicity, Resources and Auditions.

What Are the Specialty Qualifications for a 3N2X1?

Knowledge. The following knowledge is mandatory as indicated:

For instrumentalists, knowledge is mandatory of musical conducting, rehearsal techniques, transpositions, and the ability to read printed music.

For vocalists, knowledge is mandatory of musical conducting, rehearsal techniques, transpositions, the ability to read printed music, and the ability to sing in a foreign language.

For librarians, knowledge is mandatory of library science and the ability to read printed music.

For arrangers, knowledge is mandatory of music theory, transpositions, capabilities of instruments authorized for Air Force bands, and the ability to arrange and compose music using industry standard software.

For audio engineers, knowledge is mandatory of sound reinforcement theory and application, lighting, video, and multimedia technology.

Education. The following education is desirable as indicated:

For entry into this specialty as an instrumentalist, vocalist or arranger, completion is desirable of courses in music theory, music history, harmony, ear training, and transposition of music.

For entry into this specialty as a librarian completion is desirable of courses in music history and library sciences.

For audio engineers, completion is desirable of courses in electronics, recording techniques, and musical editing.

Experience. The following experience is mandatory for award of AFSC indicated:

  • 3N271. Experience performing with bands, orchestras, choruses, or similar groups.
  • 3N291. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3N271. Also, experience directing and planning functions such as providing musical services, training musical groups, and performing administrative functions.

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