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Specialty Summary

Performs and manages traffic management activities. Uses military and commercial transportation to move personnel, eligible dependents, materiel, and property. Packages, classifies, and arranges personal property and cargo for shipment or storage.

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Total: 1656

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Administrative: 35


70 lbs

  • Specialty requires routine access to Secret material or similar environment.

Duties and Responsibilities

Plans, organizes, and directs traffic management activities. Maintains and issues transportation documents. Prepares budget estimates for materials, equipment, and transportation services. Provides advice on transportation solutions to contracting officials, procurement of personnel, and to mobility planners. Reviews Foreign Clearance Guide, consignment instructions, Transportation Facilities Guide, and applicable guidance to ensure personal property, DoD materiel, and passengers comply. Verifies carrier/contractor performance. Initiates discrepancy reports. Determines work priority. Resolves administrative and operational problems and authorizes deviation from procedures. Reconciles carrier/vendor invoices for payment of transportation services. Utilizes appropriate logistics systems to prepare, transmit, and receive transportation transaction data. Executes traffic management activities to support mobility operations both at home station and deployed locations.

Personal Property: Counsels personnel and eligible dependents on personal property movements. Reviews official travel orders and determines transportation entitlements. Uses carrier tariffs and rates to determine mode and cost of transportation to move or store personal property. Directs Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) to identify, mark, and label personal property for shipment or storage. Arranges shipment and storage of personal property. Validates need for and use of temporary storage. Observes, documents, and evaluates TSP or contractor performance in moving personal property and ensures compliance with service tenders, tariffs, contract specifications, and Government regulations.

Cargo: Receives items for shipment or storage. Segregates items requiring special handling. Determines cargo priority, validates transportation funding, and schedules movement accordingly. Preserves, packs, marks, and labels materiel. Packaging includes blocking and bracing materiel on TSP’s equipment to include munitions. Determines characteristics of commodities to be shipped. Construct and fabricate containers for freight shipment. Operates woodworking equipment and other equipment including machines that weigh, band, staple, tape, and seal. Classifies cargo and uses best value considerations to determine mode and method for transportation of materiel. Identifies, marks, and labels cargo for shipment or storage. Certifies hazardous cargo to be moved by all modes of transportation. Determines and schedules proper carrier equipment for loading and unloading. Consolidates and routes shipments to include application of required transportation protective services. Inchecks all Defense Transportation System cargo arriving at the installation into appropriate transportation system of record. Evaluates arriving shipments for over, short, damaged, and astray cargo and initiates appropriate reports and claims. Performs limited inspection of materiel to validate kind, count, condition, and application of required packaging and preservation. Performs receipt of materiel into the appropriate system of record. Coordinates pickup and delivery of materiel. Coordinates with base activities to control flow of inbound and outbound cargo. Operates and maintains material handling equipment such as forklifts, pallet jacks, and hand-trucks.

Passenger Travel: Selects and arranges official travel for individuals and groups. Counsels personnel and eligible dependents on passenger movement. Reviews official travel orders and determines transportation entitlements. Prepares passenger related travel documents. Processes partial and fully unused commercial airline tickets for refund. Verifies commercial travel office routing and fares. Processes pay adjustment authorizations, cash collection vouchers and public vouchers for purchase and services other than personal. Computes government constructive costs. Performs quality assurance of contract Commercial Travel Office performance.

Installation Deployment Readiness Cell (IDRC): Participates in Installation Deployment Process Working Group (DPWG). Reviews/validates unique installation deployment requirements are addressed in standard base operation procedures and ensures organic transportation capability exists to execute these requirements as needed. Maintains oversight of air terminal operations in support of deployment and redeployment operations. Ensures comprehensive transportation related deployment training is conducted for deployment work center personnel and Unit Deployment Managers. Lead transportation functional POC supporting staffing and operation of Deployment Control Center (DCC). Directs subordinate transportation related deployment functions to include Cargo Deployment Function (CDF) and Personnel Deployment Function (PDF) when DCC is activated. Staffs and operates CDF when activated. Performs all actions necessary to receive, in-check, inspect, marshal, load plan, manifest, and supervise loading cargo aboard deploying aircraft or vehicles. Staffs and operates transportation related positions of the PDF when activated. Performs all actions necessary for monitoring all personnel processing activities to include passenger manifesting, passenger baggage handling, and passenger loading. Arranges passenger airlift for tasked Unit Line Numbers when movement data is provided by the Installation Deployment Officer or designated representatives.

Specialty Qualifications

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of: federal, international, and military transportation regulations, instructions, and directives; passenger and personal property entitlements; quality assurance evaluation procedures, United States and foreign customs regulations, and warehousing procedures; military passenger, freight, and personal property rate computations; packaging methods, specifications, standards, and orders; marking and labeling materiel; DoD Supply Chain Deliver/Return concepts, principles of property accounting, and hazardous cargo requirements; blocking, bracing, and tiedown principles; and carrier capabilities and procedures for movement of passengers, cargo, and personal property in military and commercial air, rail, truck, and water systems.

Education. For entry into this specialty, completion of high school is required. A general knowledge of computer systems and a formal course in word processing is desirable.

Training. The following training is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated:

  • 2T031. Completion of the basic traffic management course.
  • 2T051. Completion of the Integrated Receipt Process (IRP) Course via Advanced Distributed Learning Service.

Experience. The following experience is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated:

  • 2T051. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 2T031. Also, experience in all three core functional areas of Traffic Management (Personal Property, Cargo, and Passenger), and certification of assigned work-center tasks.
  • 2T071. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 2T051. Also, experience in and supervision of all three core functional areas of Traffic Management (Personal Property, Cargo, and Passenger), and certification of assigned work-center tasks.
  • 2T091. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 2T071. Also, experience with the management of moving personal property, cargo, and passengers, including freight classification/routing and carrier selection.

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