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Specialty Summary

​Performs and manages avionics test station functions and activities. Operates, inspects, maintains, programs, and calibrates computer and manually operated avionics test equipment, support equipment (SE), and aircraft avionics systems components.

Tech School

​73-90 Days - Sheppard AFB


​Avionics Systems Technology

Duty Badge

​Maintenance Badge








Total: ​1122

For Entry Into This Specialty


​Electrical: 60


​60 lbs

  • Normal color vision as defined.
  • Specialty requires routine access to Secret material or similar environment.

Duties and Responsibilities

Analyzes performance and isolates malfunctions of avionics test equipment, SE, and aircraft components. Performs operational tests on test equipment, SE, and aircraft components to determine condition, analyze performance, and isolate malfunctions in the radar, sensors, communications, weapons control, electronic warfare (EW), and flight control and engine control systems. Traces logic, schematic, test flow, and wiring diagrams. Uses self-test and software functions, computer and manually operated avionics test equipment, SE, and test measurement and diagnostic equipment to determine the scope of repair and adjustment required.

Inspects, maintains, programs, and calibrates avionics equipment, SE, and aircraft components. Removes and replaces assembly components using hand tools, soldering devices, and electronic instruments. Repairs EW systems and pods, sensor systems and components, wiring harnesses and interconnecting cables. Services, replaces, and cleans filtration and cooling components, and performs maintenance on test stations and avionics SE. Repairs amplifier and logic circuits; microwave equipment; servomechanisms; radio frequency circuits; video displays; and power supply circuits. Loads computer programs. Aligns, calibrates, and modifies avionics test equipment, SE, and aircraft components.

Manages integrated avionics activities and complies with directives, policies, and procedures. Complies with maintenance standards. Initiates deficiency reports, maintenance analysis documents, technical data changes, and equipment records. Interprets, establishes, and complies with training, security, and safety standards. Ensures compliance with directives governing handling, use, and disposal of hazardous waste and material. Records information on data collection forms and automated systems. Directs and controls maintenance, calibration, and inspection of integrated avionics test stations and aircraft components.

Plans and organizes integrated avionics activities. Plans and organizes integrated avionics equipment assembly, calibration, repair, modification, and maintenance activities. Plans physical layout of facilities, and ensures SE and spare parts availability.

Specialty Qualifications

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of: electrical theory and electronic fundamentals, including solid-state, binary, digital, octal, and hexadecimal numbering systems; metrology principles; Boolean algebra; computer logic, and programming principles and language; printed circuitry; microwave, radar, and electronic warfare principles; microminiature solid state devices; operating principles of avionics components supported by test stations; electrically actuated mechanical device theory; operating principles of basic measuring and testing devices; interpreting schematic, logic, data flow, and wiring diagrams; interpreting programming tables and technical publications; using, caring for, and applying special, standard, and common hand tools; interpreting testing, measuring, and referencing devices; concepts and application of applicable maintenance directives; Air Force supply procedures; and use and disposal of hazardous waste and material.

Education. Completion of high school is desirable with courses in physics, algebra, trigonometry, and computer principles.

Training. The following are mandatory as indicated:

  • For award of AFSC 2A031X, completion of the applicable suffix basic avionics test station and components course.
  • For award of AFSC 2A051X, completion of Advanced Wiring Maintenance Course J4AMP3000 A48A (PDS ZIZ) per the MAJCOM Mandatory Course List (MMCL) (ANG/AFRC exempt). Not applicable to personnel assigned to locations where the course is not yet available at the local Field Training Detachment (FTD).
  • For award of AFSC 2A071M, completion of Advanced ATLAS CBT (N/A for ARC).

Experience. The following experience is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated:

  • 2A051X. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 2A031X. Also, experience in functions such as identifying performance and isolating malfunctions encountered with avionic components; using and repairing avionic electrical, electronic, and mechanical equipment; or aligning and calibrating avionic test stations and SE.
  • 2A071X. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 2A051X. Also, experience performing or supervising functions such as installing, inspecting, repairing, or overhauling avionic test stations and SE.


K             A-10/B-2/C-17/CV-22/F-16/AFSOC

M            B-1/E-8/F-15

P             Avionics Sensor Systems and Electronic Warfare System

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