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Specialty Summary

1T0X1 SERE Duties: Develops, conducts, and manages Air Force Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) programs. Develops, conducts, manages, and evaluates Formal SERE training and refresher SERE training. Provides direct support to Combatant Commanders in Personnel Recovery (PR) preparation, planning, execution, and adaptation. Operates in eight geographic disciplines of Temperate, Arctic, Desert, Tropic, Coastal, Open Sea, Urban and Captivity, day or night, to include friendly, denied, hostile, or sensitive areas in support of operational preparation of the environment (OPE). Conducts foreign internal defense (FID). Conducts developmental and operational testing on and instructs the use of SERE related equipment. Performs and instructs basic, advanced, and emergency military parachuting. Coordinates SERE activities and conducts observer and controller duties during Personnel Recovery exercises.

Tech School


Lackland AFB

Fairchild AFB​


Survival Instructor

Duty Badge

Parachutist Badge

Operations Support Badge

Military Free Fall Parachutist Badge

AETC Instructor Badge








Total: 542

For Entry Into This Specialty


General: 55


70 lbs

  • Successful completion of the SERE physical ability and stamina test (PAST).
  • Minimum score of 40 required on SERE selection model completed in Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System (TAPAS).
  • Absence of any speech impediment and ability to read aloud and speak distinctly.
  • Normal color vision and depth perception.
  • Specialty requires routine access to Secret material or similar environment.

Duties and Responsibilities

Plans, organizes, directs, and conducts SERE training activities. Designs and develops curriculum, functional structure, and procedures for Refresher SERE courses and programs. Determines training schedules according to course control documents, directives, policies, and instructional principles. Ensures student safety. Conducts classroom, laboratory, and operational training. Uses lecture, demonstration and performance, guided discussion, case study, and time and circumstance instructional methodology. Conducts training under conditions closely approximating actual SERE episodes. Training environments and scenarios include, but are not limited to, global environmental conditions, combat situations, and the full spectrum of captivity environments.

Develops and implements SERE joint tactics, techniques, and procedures (JTTP). Supports operational tasking for theater and Joint Forces Commanders. Functions as in-theater SERE and PR subject matter expert (SME) to include Nonconventional Assisted Recovery (NAR). Manages development and coordination of SERE and PR operations. Manages SERE programs including isolated personnel reports (ISOPREP), evasion plans of action (EPA), blood chits, evasion charts EVC), and PR aids. Augments Joint Personnel Recovery Center (JPRC), Unconventional Assisted Recovery Coordination Center (UARCC) and Personnel Recovery Coordination Cell (PRCC) as SERE and PR SME. Assists in developing theater PR infrastructure, CONOPS and recommends changes. Conducts FID and OPE in support of PR.

Instructs and performs static line, military free fall, and emergency parachuting techniques in support of formal SERE training and Refresher SERE programs. Performs parachutist duty during exercise support. Conducts developmental and operational testing for parachuting operations including SERE related survival and aircrew flight equipment, personnel parachutes, and aircraft jump platform certification. Experienced SERE Specialists perform personnel Parachute Program Manager (PPM) duties for MAJCOMs, Groups, and unit level. SERE Specialist are also assigned to Air Force Material Command’s (AFMC) Test Parachutist Program (TPP) to conduct intentional MFF (military free fall) aircrew emergency B-22 qualification training and testing. SERE Specialists fill instructor positions at the Military Free Fall School teaching basic Military Free Fall Course, MFF Jumpmaster Course and the Advanced Military Free Fall Course.

Conducts Developmental Testing and Evaluation (D&TE) and Operational Testing and Evaluation (O&TE) on SERE equipment.

Coordinates SERE activities to support PR related exercises. Performs observer and controller duties for high-risk-of-isolation personnel to ensure safety of exercise participants, ensures appropriate learning outcomes for PR forces and exercise participants, and document lessons learned from exercise events.

Inspects and evaluates SERE training and PR operational support programs. Determines readiness and efficacy of equipment, supplies, and training aids. Ensures standardization and compliance with policies, directives, course control documents, ORM procedures, operational guidance, and instructional methodology.

Specialty Qualifications

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of: The Code of Conduct; DoDI 1300.21, and U.S. Government policy for IP; global SERE and PR principles and JTTP; procedures for MAJCOM refresher requirements; procedures for PR program management; JPRC, UARCC and PRCC roles and missions; OPE in support of PR; cultural and sociopolitical considerations that affect PR; intentional and emergency parachuting procedures; providing for personal protection and sustenance; communication and signaling techniques; methods of vectoring recovery assets; escape and evasion TTP (rural & urban; apprehension avoidance (A2) and escape enhancements (E2); CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological/Nuclear, Explosive) survival skills; dive physiology; physiology and psychology of survival; avoidance of hazardous terrain, rough land travel and emergency evacuation procedures for injured personnel; survival medicine; wilderness advanced first aid certification; land and water navigation and travel; special operations recovery teams and non-conventional assisted recovery mechanisms; caring for and using post-egress, recovery, and aircrew flight equipment; improvising and manufacturing clothing and equipment needed by an isolated person; courseware development; lecture, demonstration and performance, guided discussion, time and circumstance, and role-play instructional methods and techniques; impact of international law on IP; conduct after capture concepts for war, governmental detention, and hostage environments including, but not limited to, resistance to exploitation, organization and communication, maintenance of psychological and physical health.

Education. Completion of high school with eleventh-grade reading level required.

Training. The following training is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated:

1T031. Completion of the following courses:

  • S-V70-A; SERE Specialist Selection (SSS).
  • S-V89-A; SERE Specialist Indoctrination.
  • S-V80-A; Survival, Evasion, Resistance & Escape (SERE) Training.
  • S-V90-A; Water Survival, Nonparachuting.
  • S-V80-B; Emergency Parachute Training.
  • S-V84-A; Underwater Egress.
  • S-V81-A; SERE Specialist Training.
  • L9AQA1XXXX0A1A; US Army Basic Airborne Course.
  • Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) Level 1 (or HAF/JPRA approved equivalent).

1T051. Completion of the following courses:

  • S-V86-A; Water Survival, Parachuting.
  • S-V87-B; SERE Specialist Journeyman Arctic Survival Training.
  • SERE 250F, Specialized Survival for Select Personnel (or HAF/JPRA approved equivalent).
  • Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) Level 2 (or HAF/JPRA approved equivalent).

1T071. Completion of the following courses:

  • SERE Specialist 5-Level Mission Ready Course
  • PR-102; Fundamentals of Personal Recovery (or HAF/JPRA approved equivalent).
  • PR-296/297; Reintegration team Responsibilities/PR Debriefing (or HAF/JPRA approved equivalent).
  • PR 300, Personnel Recovery Execution (or HAF/JPRA approved equivalent).
  • J5ACP1T071 0S7A; Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Craftsman Course.
  • SERE 260; Joint Resistance Training Instructor Course (JRTC) (or HAF/JPRA approved equivalent).

Experience. The following experience is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated:

  • 1T051. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 1T031. Also, experience teaching and applying global SERE principles, procedures, techniques, and equipment; emergency parachuting procedures; survival medicine; rough land travel and evacuation procedures; land and water navigation and travel; use of post-egress survival and aircrew flight equipment; PR JTTP; escape and evasion techniques; combat communication, signaling, and recovery procedures; PR operations; survival in CBRNE contamination conditions; and conduct after capture during wartime, peacetime governmental detention, and hostage detention guidance including survival adaptations, communication, organization, resistance to exploitation, and escape TTPs.
  • 1T071. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 1T051. Also, experience in performing or supervising SERE functions and training activities.
  • 1T091. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 1T071. Also, experience in managing and directing SERE operations and training programs.

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