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Specialty Summary

1N3X1 Cryptologic Language Analyst Duties: Employs foreign language skills to collect, transcribe, translate, analyze, and report intelligence information.

Tech School

240-480 Days

Monterey, CA

Goodfellow AFB


Intelligence Studies and Technology

Duty Badge

Intelligence Badge








Total: 3522

For Entry Into This Specialty


General: 72


40 lbs

  • No record or history of temporomandibular joint disorder or pain.
  • A minimum score of 110 on the Defense Language Aptitude Battery; or demonstrated proficiency in a DoD-trained acquisition language with an L2/R2 or better on the (DLPT) or OPI equivalent for which accession was approved by AF Career Field Manager (e.g. DLI by-pass).
  • Ability to type at a rate of 25 words per minute.
  • When required for a current or pending assignment, must successfully complete a polygraph examination and meet all customer access eligibility requirements.
  • Specialty requires routine access to Top Secret material or similar environment.

Duties and Responsibilities

Collection and Processing. Uses foreign language skills to search for, monitor, identify and process communications involving activities of interest. Identifies, tips, transcribes, translates, gists, and summarizes communications, incorporating and emphasizing essential elements of information to convey the meaning of an activity or a situation. Develops techniques to collect, identify, and exploit target communications. Employs knowledge of global communication technologies and communication methods to locate and develop targets.

Analysis and Production. Analyzes and reports intelligence information consumed by customers within the Air Force, Intelligence Community, DoD, U.S. government, and foreign partners. Provides indications and warnings of adversarial intentions against U.S. or allied interests. Identifies regional and cultural factors associated with activities of interest. Applies critical thinking and analytic methods to gather, evaluate, and synthesize data from multiple sources using language processing/analysis tools. Develops and maintains working aids and analytic references to ensure applicability and currency.

Specialty Qualifications

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of: a designated foreign language; global communication network technologies; global communication methods; collection and processing equipment; collection and analysis techniques; procedures for processing and distributing intelligence data; directives for handling, distributing, and safeguarding military information; tactics, techniques, and procedures of adversary forces; and organization of the national intelligence structure and customers.

Education. For entry into this specialty, prior foreign language education, training or experience is desirable, though not required.

Training. For award of AFSC 1N331X:

Documented foreign language proficiency of L2/R2 on the Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLPT) or Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) equivalent score is mandatory.

Completion of a designated Cryptologic Language Analyst Initial Skills Course is mandatory.

Experience. The following experience is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated:

  • 1N351X. Qualification in and possession of respective AFSC 1N331X and experience performing cryptologic activities.
  • 1N371X. Qualification in and possession of respective AFSC 1N351X and experience performing or supervising cryptologic activities.
  • 1N391. Qualification in and possession of respective AFSC 1N371X. Also, experience in directing cryptologic activities.


1N3X1F - Arabic

1N3X1G - Chinese

1N3X1H - Korean

1N3X1I - Russian

1N3X1J - Spanish

1N3X1K - Persian

1N3X1L - Hebrew

1N3X1M - Pashto

1N3X1N - Urdu

1N3X1Z - Low-Flow

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